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Feather Hair Extensions come as a pack of 10 extensions (strings). Each string carries 60 feathers and is about 50 cm long. Depending on the length of the hair and placement on the head, one string can be cut into more pieces.


By using Feather Hair Extension you can make an accent, add volume and/or extend the length of your hair. Feathers beautifully blend with your own hair and create highlights-like appearance.


Feather Hair Extensions come in natural shades as well as in various radiant colors. 

The connection of Feather Hair Extension is very subtle and almost invisible in the hair. 


Maintenance: Feather Hair Extensions can be washed with your regular shampoo, blow dried, straightened and curled. For protection and care the usage of water based hair conditioners is great. Usage of oils and oil based products is NOT recommended. 


Installation: Feather Hair Extensions can be applied by trained Angels or in a hair salons that work with (regular) hair extensions.


Request list of Angels in your area.


If there’s no Angel nearby, watch this video guide on how to install Feather Hair Extensions. Order your Feather Hair Extensions online and introduce this video to your hair dresser. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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