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We are solely working with feathers of freely raised birds. 

Feathers are sometimes treated as waste and when burned they can cause ecological problem. We purchase them and recycle.

When we order feathers, the content of a parcel comes always as a surprise. We are opening delivered boxes with great excitement, curious to see what we’ve got. There’s no standard package, when it comes to feathers. And we actually love it as this is a sign of Nature – all is unique and nothing really repeats. 



Sometimes it can happen that your desired color is not available. It is for a reason. We do not call the supplier to send us the “right” color right now. We do not cooperate with suppliers that would fulfill such order - at the cost of hurting the bird. Our goal is to avoid suffering. 


We in Plume Angel honor Mother Nature and the gifts, feathers, she’s so generously giving. Regardless the color and shape that might not fit our orders at given moments. We work with what we have.

At certain moments we don’t have all feather colors available. Now you know why. We do not insist on having certain color for the price of pain and suffering, only to fulfill more orders and make more money. 


All products are hand made on Bali by our Bali Family


Plume Angel stands for high quality and fair trade.

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