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Hey There

Welcome to Plume Angel USA!

We are still the same Plume Angel, now with an additional home in coastal NC. I am so happy you are here! Take a look around, feel free to purchase through the site, or if you are local to the Wilmington, NC area and would like to schedule an appointment with me to have your beautiful Feather Hair extensions installed, please reach out! I would be honored to be your Plume Angel!

Stay tuned and follow us on social media for local pop-up and vendor events! Remember, 'you have your own wings to fly freely, and follow your dreams!'

What it's all about

Are you wondering what Plume Angel is? 


Feathers are sometimes referred to as waste and when burned they can cause ecological problems. We purchase and recycle them, to make handmade, unique and one-of-a-kind Feather Hair Extensions, earrings, clips and more, to give your hair length and volume, accentuate your personal taste and style, and overall help you to feel even more beautiful and empowered. 


In Plume Angel, we honor Mother Nature and her gifts, feathers, which she is so generously giving to us. We are working solely with the feathers of birds, raised at freedom. We do not work with suppliers that would cause harm to the birds; our goal is to avoid suffering. We are based out of Bali, and have traveling Angels all over the world.

Our mission is to create a new way of seeing business, as a structure, where each person involved is treated as a family. Where growth of a company is equal to growth for every individual. Where we support each other through the tough times. We are one, and all that we create is made with love, and will bring light into this world.

In our world, every Mother has enough time for her children and the ability to provide for them.
This company is built upon strong relationships and trust between people. We do not compete, instead, we support and lift each other up.

82 Balinese women have chosen to work with Plume Angel. they are trained to make high-quality products. Currently, only 19 of them are permanently working. We want to provide a stable job for all of them. Your contribution will provide for materials and continuous production to be sold by our current family of 77 traveling Angels, to ensure everyone comfort, freedom and access to our beautiful creations.

We stand up for the human rights and want to make a change. Behind each product, there is a living person. We want to make the world a better place. Feathers are a reminder that you have your own wings to fly free, following your dreams! Join us!


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