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Remind you that you have your own wings, you can fly freely and follow your dreams. 

How? Through feathers, remembering the lightness and playfulness.









Create a fairy-tale like world where things we do are supported by those around. World where mothers have enough time for their children and everyone is fairly paid for his/her work. 


We want to see a world where imagination and creative visions are met with gratitude. 


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The dreamer visionary and founder of Plume Angel, Elf, speaks about her idea to create unique 50-feathers hair extensions:

“One day the most beautiful woman I knew, a magical free spirit, came to me and asked me “Elf, you can do everything, could you put some feathers into my hair?” At that time I wasn’t workingwith feathers at all. I’ve made my first Feather Hair Extension specifically for her. The product was far from how it looks today, but it was the beginning of a big story.”

“At that time, I had 8 years of experience in beauty business, knew a lot about hair extensions - I knew the parameters it should have, the weight, material, ways of attaching etc.. I used all this knowledge to make feather hair extensions you see nowadays.”


As a creative being, Elf was always aware of the necessity to align to values she holds important.Becoming a mother reinforced this feeling even more - importance of creating a space where her little one can learn about life and its beauty in a natural way by absorbing it from his environment became clearer than ever. We are responsible for what we see around us, we are the creators of our world. What world do I want my baby to live in? What world do I want to live in? Having clear answers to these questions, being clear on her core values, Elf knew they cannot be separated from work either. From the place of love new ideas started emerging, forming themselves right in front of her eyes, coming to life on her work desk. 


One of the questions Elf is constantly asking herself and her team is “How can we make the world different, better?” 

Her wish is to create a space full of support instead of competition, a world where people lift each other up every moment of their lives. As the business started growing, Elf was taking more and more Balinese mothers into her team – into the Plume Angel Family. She decided to pay more than what is standard. To honor the work of this growing family. 


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Plume Angel is a family.

We create, we share our dreams and challenges. Together. We are here for one another in times of happiness as well as distress. Whenever there’s a bump on the road, each one of us always knows there are loving arms ready to catch and help to get back on track.

Over the past 5 years, 82 Balinese women have chosen to work with Plume Angel. I've trained them to make high-quality of product. As for now only 19 of them are permanently working. We want to give stable job for all of them. Your contribution will provide for materials and continuous production to be sold by our current family of 77 traveling Angels, to ensure everyone comfort and freedom.


We have visited many remote Balinese villages and found those in need of work. Many of the mothers had no jobs or used to work long exhausting hours for about $60 a month. This meant a very poor life and very little time for their families. For five months we gave one-on-one trainings, tailored for each mother and her individual skills, to develop her creativity and to ensure that all had mastered the production technique and can create high quality product.


We want to make a real difference. 

Our staff work less than the average 8 hours per day – 6 hours a day, 15 days a month maximum. Everyone decides how to schedule working hours, so they can either have free days, or work every day for 3 hours maximum. The goal is to create a work-life balance. 


We pay our staff 3 times more than the average, although unlike in the west, high salaries are not the greatest motivators in Bali. We are strongly connected - we visit each other’s homes, spend time together and play with children. We want the Plume Angel family members to know they are important and appreciated. If they need help, we do our best to assist - maybe a motorbike needs fixing, or someone’s house needs a new roof. No matter how much we expand, we want to have enough time and resources to stay close.


Because we all pour so much love into the project, our feathers carry only good energy. 

Our staff love their jobs and put their hearts and souls into creating these pieces. They perceive their work as a meditation, something that is deeply rooted in the Hindu religion.


We wish to support more women in Bali. By purchasing Plume Angel products, you are becoming part of the family too - you become the one who is making life of Balinese mothers better. 

Love and Gratitude to You.

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