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Perfect for Light or Dark hair. Made from ethically sourced feathers from tropical birds. Wake up the Spirit of the bird letting you fly free! Our Natural Feather Hair Extensions are semi-permanent utilizing the same technology as normal hair extensions, Keratin, Metal Crimps, which ever you feel is best for your Hair. Pink White Feather Hair Extension is made for Blonde or Brunette hair for that subtle elegant look. As well they really pop in Darker hair colors. Your feathers can be washed, blow dried, straightened, and curled. Feathers don't like oil, while the extensions are Installed, we recommend not to use oil products on your hair. Colors may fade over time. Each string is 50cm which can be cut to any length. Pack of 10 Extensions. DON'T WALK, FLY!


  • Feather extensions give you the opportunity to create your own unique look. Beautiful, bold and bright while expressing yourself. It is a fun way to decorate your hair and increase length and/or volume. Moreover, you will feel lightness and inspiration.

    We take natural white feathers as a base and all the other colors are added to them. Whether you are blonde, brown hair or brunette, it will perfectly suit you!

    Colors: White, Natural, Color
    Length: every string is 50 cm long. You can cut them in a way, so that it fits your hair length.
    How to attach feather extensions: you can use any technique as normal hair extensions, Keratin, Metal Crimps, which ever you feel is best for your Hair.
    The kit includes: a crimp beads and threader – using these tools, you can attach feather extensions at home.
    The quantity of feathers in every extension: 60.
    Approximate time of usage: from three to six months, depending on how you will wear it.
    Pack of 10 Extensions.

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