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School for Riska

You were asking me for the stories. They are not that simple to say. 

But I'll do my best! Let's start from one family.

Father: Made  Mother: Wayan  Daughter: Eka  Son: Riska Baby: Riski 

And My PA: Komang Juli 

About 3 years ago, when Plume Angel project was started, I've been choosing the mothers with kids under one year old. One of those Mothers named Wayan just had a third child. Her husband Made got sick, he lost ability to provide for his family, because he has been in the hospital for a while, and She tuck over the providing roll for all their family.  

2 years after She also got sick and her oldest kids came to me. 

Those kids, Eka and her brother Riska, was practicing in making our Feather Hair Extensions already for a while. And they were good at it. Sooner than later they became my best hands! Now both of them are permanently working with Plume Angel. Riska is 19 years old, he was working after school, he is great at managing fussy big feathers, so he tuck over Clip In Extensions. Eka is 22 years old, she put full trust in Plume Angel, quit her main job, what wasn't bringing enough money, and decided be fully free in her creative mind. She quickly picked up on making gorgeous, high quality Feather Earrings. We became a family, because their needs, worries, health, creativity and future in general has been on the list of my priorities. 

They've shown me an example of good beautiful Family! I believe that healthy society is starting with the Family.

I've been away for 3 months this year, and soon as I got back, I've checked on my Family. I've asked when we can meet, according Riska's school time. He said that there is no school this year, because all money what they made went to pay the hospital costs for their parents. It's tuck me a day to make decision, and I've offered for Luh Eka and Riska to move out from the mountains, live next door from my house and be able to create together. To speed up their work, I've got some secret skills, what I would love to share. I can do it only when we seat next to each other in the studio and I see each step what they do, to make it easier. At the same time it is still beginning of the school year, so we've organized that Riska go to the good international school in the city. That was easy to fix, they was only struggling with the entry fees, shoes and uniform. Today Riska going to School. We've rented pretty rooms for both of them in our neighborhood. Riska's school is not far away from their house, and Luh Eka can just walk for 1 minute to reach our studio. I'm here almost all the time for her to practice. Soon as she learned all the tricks and features, she gonna take roll of a teacher and pass knowledge to the other girls. 

Sunday morning was extremely emotional for me. All Family showed up in my house, they brought a lot of greetings, fruits, veggies from their garden. Knowing the condition of parents and that they called my PA to meet them and show the way, because they really rare leaving their village in the mountains, shocked me! I thought something big has happened! And it is. For the Family, who count themselves as really poor, their kids was taken cared about, and more. They see the Hope, that God still loves them. We spend a lovely day, talking together, making plans for the future, searching for the best way to live. 

I am not trying to save the world. I do as much as I can. There is 15 more families with the stories to tell, there is 41 more stories of other families to discover.. and to be continued. Your Plume Angel. 

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